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List of Characters

Ronan Atherton

birthday: january 6th|age: 19|height: 5'7"

Ronan is a simple kid with simple goals. He just really wants to fly under the radar and do the right thing. If he's being honest, though, it's not all that fulfilling. A bit touchy at times, he has a pretty serious stubborn streak that tends to come out at the worst of times. He grew up pretty affluent, with an American father and a Japanese mother. He likes reading books, is a former Mario Kart champion and secretly has a vast knowledge of underground punk.

Franz Coffman

birthday: february 14|age: 19|height: 6'0"

Franz is naturally outgoing, notoriously flighty. He is estranged from the large family he came from in Delaware, and has lived with his aunt in Brooklyn since the age of thirteen. He doesn't really care to apply himself to much of anything, although he isn't unintelligent, merely uninterested, and wouldn't be brokenhearted if he flunked out of college. In high school he was very nerdy but has since blossomed into a paragon of hipster cool, but he still has all of the Card Captor DVDs and can and will recite the entire Pokemon rap on command.



birthday: ??|age: ??|height: 5'3"

So far, not much is known of this mysterious foreign woman... All that is known is that she is seeking something within a library, and has taken an interest in Ronan.